Character Driven

Basic Premise: You would play the archangel Gabriel from Supernatural, my OFC would be someone he had played a trick on, but he was sloppy and finds out she didn't really deserve it.

I could see smut happen, but not at first, unless you got an idea with Gabriel and OFC that allows for this ;)

Picture from Supernatural

Story Pitch

I always liked the idea of him making a mistake and later finding out about it. Like a season 5 AU, after he made everyone think he was dead, he settles into a small town undercover, either needing to recharge his powers or not being able to use them without drawing unwanted attention.

In that town he runs into my OFC, whom he recognises as some college professor whom he believed toyed heartlessly with her boyfriend and threw away once she got the promotion she worked to get with his support. The truth would be that she has this violent ex who told her he found her and while he might be in prison his brothers are not.

While she hid her past it was mostly because she was afraid her boyfriend would turn from her and when it caught up with her, all she wanted to do was not get him hurt. Now, she took over her mom's store who is in the hospital and needs someone to pay the bills.