Interpersonal +Porn

Basic Premise: You'd play a powerful vampire who rules the land with an iron fist and demands a virgin sacrifice from the capital city every year. He makes each girl last for that time as he uses her to full fill his desires for blood, sex, submission ...

Setting: Fantasy or post-apocalyptic.

I'm afraid this is one plot I prefer as being played non-con, what I'm not dead-set on is how awful the vampire is.

Picture by Luis Royo

The Vampire

First of you should know the picture is just a random inspiration, he doesn't have to look like that. I don't actually care what he looks like that is up to you: beach boy with chiselled abs, the Nosferatu look, Christopher Lee's Dracula etc. Whatever is fine as long as the vampire does not sparkle.

As I said above he doesn't need to be the absolute worst, I just don't want him to be one of those typical whiny vampires whom you find in so many stories these days. He should like being a vampire and see humans mainly as food, with some exceptions who might make good pets or even rarer good future vampires.

The Virgin

A pretty, young woman who was mainly chosen because she has spoken out against the vampire king and hung out with people who rebel against his rule. She was against the virgin sacrifices long before she was personally affected.

She'll despise the Vampire King for what he is, regardless how handsome or ugly he is. That won't mean she acts like one of those spit-fire special snowflake girls who would spit in his face. The young woman would weigh her options and look for a way out.

What I personally find so intriguing about vampires

I read some place that vampires are a metaphor for sex and sexual liberation by giving into desire. That brings it down to the point: I love the hypnotic power aspect, think Bram Stoker's Dracula and how he lured Lucy out into the gardens to have his way with her. Yes, it was rape, it was wrong, but as fantasy to be entertained a vampire with such powers to make yourself participate in a truly perverted sex act is very hot.

At any rate, let's chat about vampires a bit and see if we find common ground.


Some plotty expansion

While the story is a great set up for kinky porn, the whole idea of the vampire getting into her head could make this very interesting. Like she's set against him but if he places her in that slightly hypnotic state, she might find herself addicted to the pleasures he forces upon her. Who knows? Maybe even the pain he inflicts, if you like to make him have a sadistic touch.

We certainly could spin off a plot where she gets messages from the rebels who plan something and want her help and she'd be in the awkward position of wanting to help them but at the same time like all addicts might want to protect her source.