Interpersonal and Porn

Basic premise: Not much of a comic fan, but I really like both versions of the character in those movies. While some people say the Wolverine Origins movie was abysmal I liked it just for the Sabretooth parts, I think without straying too much from either movie, we can find a situation for an OFC to get entangled with Victor for some reason.

Picture from X-Men Origins

Idea closer to Origins

I'm pretty sure together we can either expand this idea or maybe come up with something different, but I thought setting it while Victor was still working for Striker, he is sent out to detain the daughter of someone for while, while Striker blackmails the parents. Simple but a nice set up as I bet it's not the assignment Victor be happy about.

I admit I like to play non-mutant characters or if I do play a mutant I tend to let them have more passive powers. As what always turns me off from most X-Men group rps is these endless "Man of Steel"-esqe fights and this constant can't I get more powers?

So if I did lay a mutant in this scene she would probably be hiding it or maybe it's not even something she is that aware off, because it really would be something that small like empathy that she always thought was just her being able to read people very well. Or being able to influence the mood of people around her.

As for her age or smut that might happen (which would of course be iffy from the get go consent wise) I'm really not dead set on anything. At any rate, the age difference would be great, then again it could be a sister or someone who is older but still has some politician or someone invested in their well-being. It could also turn out to be a ploy by Striker to set this up as an incident to make mutants look bad by always intending to order Victor to kill her at the end. It is really up to us to figure out what might work best.

Picture from X-Men (2000)

X-Men (2000) based idea

Here it could be a similar set up, like the one with Striker, but with Mystique or Magneto sending him on his merry way. Oh and just to point it out, I dunno care which play by is used, but it should be one of the movie personalities, as I got really no relation to the comics. Read one and he was just blabbering really stupid shit in that one - total not interested in the blabbermouth version :P

I also could think that maybe we do a post first movie situation, after getting nearly killed he's a bit out of sorts and goes into hiding - either visiting someone he knows or just picking the first random person - which would be my OFC - to home invade and lay low.

But as always I am open for ideas and if you can think of something you always liked to try then please let me know, I'm sure we can work something out ...