Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow from Batman Begins

Character Driven

Basic Premise: You would play the Scarecrow character from Batman Begins, not that I mind some comic book influence, I will play some OFC who is likely to get scared out of her mind.

I can't see smut happening, but I got some plot ideas, not that I'd say no to other ideas.

Picture from Batman Begins

Scenario: The Study

A bit stolen from The Haunting, but what if back at the University, before he became head of Arkham Asylum, he did a similar thing. Contestants with insomnia when really he studied fear ...

I think early versions of his fear gas might be applied and we do not need supernatural hauntings at all. Although, I wouldn't be opposed either, but maybe we could make up something else? We anyway need a cover story, it could for example be an older Asylum in Gotham ...

Scenario: Scarecrows X-over

One of my favourite horror movies, Scarecrows from 1988, is about a group of mercenaries who took the Camp Pendleton payroll and took off with a plane, taking pilot and daughter hostage. One them jumps off over an area with an old farm and fields. They land to retrieve the money and find out the gory way that the owners of the farm turned themselves into undead, homicidal scarecrows who not only kill but turn people into scarecrows themselves ...

Just imagine if for some reason, Dr. Crane ended up there, maybe in some scheme by Falconi gone wrong, my character could be a hostage - maybe even a young woman who can sense the supernatural and knows a bit about it - so they'd start out with some thugs and soon Crane and my OFC find everyone panics to the point of insanity when deadly near unstoppable scarecrows show up leaving them alone in their struggle to survive.

That should make for some interesting roleplay and later we could draw it out - especially if we do use the psychic angle for my OFC. As in Crane takes a professional interest in how her mind copes with her constant nightmares and knowing she can't talk to anyone as few people who encounter the supernatural accept or survive that revelation.