The "Darker" Kinks

  • Non-Con

    My definition: Sexual acts performed on a partner who has not given consent or is unable to do so.

    A lot of what I put under the label of non-con is often regarded as dub-con and scarily enough sometimes even consent. But any situation where one person is under duress: like an arranged marriage it would be non-con as the fear of the social fall out if a No was given would make any Yes invalid.

    That said, I'm open for any range of of non-consensual encounters, the only thing I hate about it if it is used a romantic device or written as something to be aspired to (like 50 Shades does). It can be written as part of a world and be worked through by let's say people in an arranged marriage but it can also be a sick twisted relationship where one person is completely enslaved by another. As always: even if consent is not required between the characters played - it has to be given by the players.

  • Facial


    My definition: Coming onto the partner's face, but I also like to say, other body parts are open, too.

    I know some people find it degrading others find it hot, some say it is hot because it is humiliating. Either was if it fits the character involved, why not go for it? I do find it hot - for whatever reason - and don't mind playing a character who likes it or one who doesn't.

  • Forced Submission

    Forced Submission

    My definition: Where one partner forces the other one to submit, by force or manipulation. Thus being a particular sub form of non-con.

    I like playing out this aspect just as much as I love natural submission. The dynamics of such a relationship are just something I like exploring, especially in role-play.

  • Whipping


    My definition: Beatings done with a form of whip, but I also like to add spanking by hand and paddle or whipping, flocking with other instruments is something I'd like this to stand for.

    This can of course be used in non-consensual situations but I'm also for using it in BDSM context. It can precede sexual encounters, like someone got whipped and then a partner provides some comfort.