The "Easy to Include" Kinks

  • Power Imbalance

    Power Imbalance

    My Definition: The characters involved have an obvious imbalance of power. That imbalance can be

    • old <-> young
    • experienced <-> inexperienced
    • physically stronger <-> weaker
    • position of power
      • like noble <-> serf
      • instructor <-> trainee.

    Sometimes this is of course inherent in the game, if it's not, there is no need to include it. I just mention it, because I like to set up the game this way. Although my character might not be at a disadvantage across the board. For example, she could be weaker but also more experienced.

  • Rough Sex

    Rough Sex

    My definition: Sex with the inclusion of some force like ripping off clothes to gain access, strong even bruising grabbing of the partner's body, hard fucking, penetrating the partner before s/he is fully ready, hair pulling, scratching, pinning the partner down etc.

    It's generally something that can happen by accident, in the throws of passion or just through inexperience, but it can also be done deliberately like with partners who know they like it rough ... In other words it can fit into a wide range of scenarios and I really appreciate it being there.

  • Size


    My definition: Simply put the male is rather well equipped, either at the upper spectrum of normal human sizes or in Xeno scenarios maybe even bigger.

    While I like it big, I'm also a sucker for realism. Which means I prefer the hugeness be on side of still being able to fit. A vagina is not a bottomless hole after all. If not prepared enough I tend to write that out realistically by making it hurt like hell, but overall whether they knew previously or not, I would write my OFCs liking the feeling of being stretched.

    While there is no need to put emphasis on how huge the member in question is, I'd prefer to write that the OFC does feel some stretching.

  • Submision


    My definition: Willingly submitting to the partner's orders, desires and needs. That can be in BDSM setting but it can also happen naturally by going along with something that doesn't bring pleasure or is even uncomfortable but doing it and getting pleasure from pleasing the partner.

    At the basic level it's practically putting the partner's needs first but can be so much more involved especially when the partner is aware of the need to submit.

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