Her father made him suffer but she'd make up for that ...

Interpersonal +Porn

Basic Premise: You'd play a slave who escaped at some point. Either later or on the day of his escape you character gets his hands on mine who will be the daughter of his cruel master ...

Setting: Fantasy would be my preference but Ancient Rome or other periods of history are fine.

This can be played two ways, I'm equally fine with both approaches: the non-con version or a more consensual approach.

Picture by Luis Royo

Without non-con

In this version, your character could be either thinking he'd take the daughter to get even by raping her before deciding he's not that vicious or he just wants her to get an idea what it's it like to be a slave and makes her work for him.

He could still be mean to her in other ways but maybe remembering that she wasn't he ends up changing tunes.

The bitter revenge (?)

In this version your escaped slave would be more bitter and less empathetic, maybe my character could've been a spoilt brat who treated him badly and he repays her with beating and rape.

It doesn't mean he might not end up regretting his actions after his initial thirst for vengeance is slated and we can see what happens then. However, I'm fine with keeping this bleak for the OFC.

The Escaped Slave

When it comes to HIM, I'm pretty much open to what you want HIM to be like or what his intentions towards her are. We should talk a bit about it - especially if they knew each other well or if they saw each other only from a distance.

We can also make it more hurt/comfort in regards to his pain and her contributions to him getting past it. In other words how badly HE was hurt is also up to you.

The daughter

Depending on what we decide as a background and which world to use I can make her more kind or more spoilt, or a bit of both. She could be a virgin or was married to someone else.