A matter of convenience

Interpersonal and Porn

Basic premise: You play a criminal who knows what he is doing, who on his escape takes a hostage for her car and the female company, he so sorely lacked in prison, while hiding away from the police.

Yes, any smut, would at any rate be non-con. Still, we can make it so it feels more dub-connish or let the cat out of the bag early on. Either way my character would do what she feels she needs to in order to survive.

Picture from Desperate Measure

Original or not?

I placed it under original characters, because the basic ideas rings true, but think this scenario would be nice for Peter McCabe, the villain from Desperate Measures. Or at least I think he'd make rather interesting hostage taker - if you have not seen the movie - it's awesome go and watch it: for entertainment and maybe for basic inspiration.

Yes, Peter McCabe is portrayed by Michael Keaton, who is shown in the inspiration pic and it's the scene showing him work out with improvised "dumbbells". Peter quote from the movie: "And I want a blow-job and a drink - but life is not always perfect."

Your criminal

Then again if you got an interesting character idea and looking for someone to play a hostage, I'm up for that. I don't even need to know that many specifics. If those two meet under these circumstances it be more interesting not to know too much, right? As long as we got a list of do not's we should be fine.

If need be, we can also brush the smut aside and sees if it feels right later on and just enjoy the UST that will arise.