Adam from I, Frankenstein

Character Driven

Basic premise: I'd love to play an original character into a setting that does some actual character development. Like we find a scene that might have happened some time after he left the gargoyles or maybe after the movie.

Picture from I, Frankenstein (2014)

Adam in the Past

I very much liked the basic set up for the character: feeling isolated, unwanted and alone, even horrified at what he is and has done. It was just so poorly explored, how his attitude change seemed more motivated by plot convenience than anything else and addressed so little. So I'd love to go with a situation that has him deal with my character and do some more slow-paced, overall character development. Seriously, how realistic was it that in all those decades there was really nothing?

Plot for the Past

I'm sure together we could come up with an even better set up, but I keep thinking that he might have run into some trouble in a city where bought supplies or something and when the people surrounded him he grabbed a hostage and used her to get out of the situation with much blood shed. Other things could happen that delay him from letting her go and maybe those become excuses but we can see about that.

It could also start out with him being captured by the town and maybe my OFC could be nice to him or maybe even got locked up, too for something (prostitution, stealing bread etc). So it could be that she helps him escape or that despite being kind he takes her hostage simply because she's closest?

OFC for the Past

While we can adapt her to the plot, I'd like her to be a person who is basically very positive even if she has fallen on hard times. It could be that she's more world weary if she were a prostitute or she could be more naive if she was for example some rich dude's daughter. Either way she would believe firmly in helping those who need help.

Picture from I, Frankenstein

Adam in the Future

I got this feeling that since there was no gradual development to the change, we still have Adam basically having no clue how to relate to people. Not sure the doctor is going to be that much help as she seemed to have issues as well. I don't know but let's assume shit happened, soon after he was alone again. (Note: I would be open to other ideas, it's just my feeling)

Whether we keep it modern world or maybe some post-apocalyptic stuff, is probably best left to what you prefer, I can roll with both. Maybe it is a few years after and he tries to stop a demon plot which we could think up and make this also about plot as well as the characters.

OFC for the Future

If there is a plot, I'd like to make it something less black and white and maybe have a third faction, creatures that aren't with either side, refusing to fight a battle between two petty entities, but some might help put demons in line if they become too much of a threat.

I'd rather not have her be one but she could be an agent for them. Since she's human she's sent to Adam to figure out where he stands and if he'd be a danger to them or if they could come to some sort of agreement. Who knows maybe he killed one of theirs thinking he was dealing with a demon? Either way it would make sure she'll do her best to stick around and get to know him.