Diaval from Maleficent

Character Driven

Basic Premise: You play Diaval who is sent out to locate my abducted OFC and until they can devise a plan to set her free, he keeps her hopes up. So in other words some basic hurt/comfort.

Just how bad my OFCs is going to be hurt, we should decide together.

Picture from Maleficent (2014)

Held hostage

In this scenario there could be less hurt, my OFC would be held hostage by a dark wizard but without him doing anything truly horrific. For example, he might need someone of Royal Blood to do a huge goblin for him for a spell and she has to work a couple of hours each day on it.

Royal blood because I thought either way, the OFC could be Philip's older sister. He was on the way to the castle to ask for help anyway? Although it could happen later.

The Evil husband

Another more sinister version with more hurt could be that she was married to the dark wizard and Philip got worried because she wasn't allowed to write letters or any contact any more. Thus he asks for help getting contact which could also be where Diaval comes in.

Even here it need not be utterly vicious, while the wizard might come by and demand her wifely duties, he might not be overly cruel about it just cold and uninterested in anything else and together with her isolation that would be heavy on her already.

Searching and waiting

Any scenario would involve Diaval being the one to find her and then maybe getting enchanted so he automatically turns human once he reaches her and stays that way for a while. As the others would need to develop a plan to get her away safely.

Again, if anything happens or what happens from there on out should be solely based on what comes from the writing.