Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Basic Premise: The idea for this rp I had was that you play Loki right after the first Avengers, either breaking out or being sent on this quest, that will have him need my character to unlock the Temple of Knowledge. Thus getting a road trip like set up on the road.

I really love playing Sinnove, my Asgardian Lady, I felt I had a good run with it, with the rp already taking off, I would love to either continue or start a new with her.

Picture Comic Con, JE Browser for background

Oldie but goldie

First time I didn't get far, but it was already good, the second time got us two about three days of travelling with interesting stuff already happening, but not even getting to the temple and all the tests that await both Loki and Sinnove there.

I think the setup is perfect for 1 on 1, it has this forced connection element but what comes of it, how antagonistic the situation is can be adapted to what we both want and it can go in so many directions.


While we always get told how wise Odin is and how great he is as a king, what we see is actually the opposite, we see a thoughtless, tyrant with anger issues, who is neither very wise nor very good at either of his jobs. I like to play it that way, that it's not wise to question Odin directly nor good to wonder among your peers about what the hell went down.

I see them keeping Loki's secret and not really fully explaining what was going on with him.

Also, the sexism, from what we hear sexism is completely alive in that society. Why? Because of the fuss people make about Sif being a warrior. It was clearly not normal and thus she might be an emancipated character but it's not the society. Same with Frigga, she seems cool, but then again is a total doormat before her husband whimps: aka she clearly doesn't agree with his decisions but goes along with it. Her son could really need her but she sits around the bed of her comatose husband.


In light of that I play Sinnove, she has a strict, abusive mom, who wants her to be the perfect Asgardian Lady. As such she is well-mannered, always dressed properly, obedient to male authority figures but underneath she is someone who is really not happy.

Thanks to her father, she has developed a love for history and reading, spending much time with books as she can get away with. She became a lady in waiting to Frigga, so while she has been around Thor and Loki, she wouldn't have stuck out much. She reads a lot to the Queen and dreads the day it will end.

One thing about her father, as generous as he is and how he encourages her interested in history, he and Volstagg's father were fighting back in the war with the Frost Giants and on the battlefield he promised his then unborn daughter to Volstagg in marriage. Sinnove is not happy about it, although she does not openly protest by anything else but polite disinterest.

It is her fear of disappointing her family, her dad and her three brothers that keeps her from speaking out. That is basically the whole situation she'll be in, her engagement announced the marriage not far way.

One thing that Sinnove also got is this fear of Frost Giants, because her dad told her his war time stories as bed time stories including how he lost his leg because it was frozen and shattered.

You bet that she won't be swooning over Loki, because she doesn't swoon to begin with, she is not sure what his problem is and if they had any contact before it was probably him playing pranks on the ladies in waiting. All she'll know is what Odin publicly declared and that he got locked up as a dangerous criminal. At the same time he is the son of the king and she will still award him some respect, even more if he does the same.