The "Milder" Kinks

  • Blow Jobs

    Blow Jobs

    My definition: Stimulation of a penis through lips, tongue or throat and the licking and sucking that goes with it.

    Now maybe Deep throating could be a separate kink but I just view it as a more intense part of a blowjob. Doesn't need to be there but I definitely like writing mouth on genital action if it does comes to playing out smut.

    Especially since blow jobs can happen with much less effort in a wider range of situations and I happen to think it is hot.

  • Bondage

    My definition: One partner being tied up, either just body parts being tied together to position or restrain but often also against objects like beds, fences or other contraptions to restrict motion or even immobilize a person completely.

    Now it can be used in consensual sex situations to intensify the sensations and allow one partner to dote on the other one. It doesn't immediately mean the people have to be into BDSM as well it's pretty vanilla anyway, but I don't mind playing a submissive in such a relationship at all.

    In non-consensual situations being tied up can heighten the feeling of being de-powered and just serve for the villain's comfort of not having to fight his victim every time he takes advantage.

  • From Behind

    My definition: Sex that involves one partner penetrating vagina or anus facing their backs. Can be doggy-style with the receiving partner kneeling but they could also be stomach first on a table or bed.

    Some might not like it because it makes it difficult to see the partner's face but for some it is hot for that very reason. It also should be said, that it allows for different angles and can be a fun element if combined with other kinks.

    It certainly allows for some interesting moments between characters, whatever their situation is or goes on in the role play. Then again there is no need to use it all the time or at all, it just could be rather fun if used creatively.

  • Nipple Play

    My definition: Stimulation of the partner's nipples with touch through stroking up to pinching, can also be biting or use of clamps and playing with piercings.

    Just a minor little thing that can be fun to include if both parties are comfortable with writing it. No need to go into the realm of nipple torture even in non-con but a bit of pinching can never hurt, oh wait, let's say can never fail to illicit a strong response.

    I understand some people are made uncomfortable by it and it's fine to say so, but much appreciated if it would occur.