List of past or paused roleplays

Here is where I list 1 on 1 rps I did take part in but that are either over or on hiatus, if there is a link you can read what I've been up to:

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe


    A short little rp, that unfortunately never went anywhere before my partner lost interest, but I shall bring it online soon, just so you can see how I'm doing.

    My partner played Loki, while I played Darcy.

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Loki/OFC: The temple of knowledge

    This unfortunately abandoned roleplay (partner fell out of contact) was the second attempt for this plot idea where Loki needs my OFC to get to a temple of forgotten and arcane knowledge. I still think it was a good set up and I'd love to either continue with someone else or re-start it with some alterations.

    The first attempt was more with kidnapping her, the longer had Odin sent her and Loki on a rescue mission for her brother, Thor and Volstagg.

  • Original with Vampires

    OMC/OMC: A tale of two brothers (private link)

    A friend and I play two vampire brothers who are the last survivors of their clan being slain, they were supposed to find new mates for the re-building but we also ended up having them find solace with each other.

    There is also a start with one of the future "mates" but for now it is mostly on hiatus.

  • Mix of Batman Canons

    Joker/OFC: The woman who never smiled

    An old rp with a friend who played a wonderful joker, that was a bit of Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson and other influences. I played the wife of an abusive husband working for Falconi, who ended up in prison after Batman Begins.

    One night on her way from work, she happened to run into the Joker and stuff happened. It's complete but we lost part of it will probably remain un-posted.

  • Teen Wolf:

    Derek/OFC: The Witch and the Wolf

    I play Derek Hale and my friend plays a witch who gets entangled in a plot by Gerard to get back at everyone who wronged him, as well as getting a cure for his condition.

    There might be more side-characters, but those infos will all be on the main page for those who are curious.