David from Prometheus

Interpersonal and Porn

Basic premise: You also thought David was the best (if not only good thing about the movie) and you feel like exploring him more. As I can't relate to our female lead at all I suggest some plot with an OFC set much later.

I got two basic ideas that all a few hundreds years after - mostly depending on David being involuntarily inactive for most of the time. Now the universe has many colonies with interplanetary travel being common.

Picture from Prometheus

Scenario A: Found

The idea would be that whatever happened after the movie, David was de-activated and is found a group of smugglers who find some way to control him and then activate him. As it seemed in the movie, with Weyland and Vickers dead he had nobody controlling him.

The majority of the crew could re-act similar to how the movie characters re-act probably glad they found a free work slave not really caring at all what David thinks about this.

My character might not be that different at first glance but I picture her as someone with a natural politeness, who is not that happy about being stuck with the smugglers. She has technical skills that are useful to the crew, I also think she might be sleeping with captain - mostly for protection it offers her from the rough handed crew.

She'll likely be curious about what David is from the get go and from there she might also develop an interest in who he is.

Scenario B: Long Voyage

He could also maybe be found by a company that is providing space travel deals and he works as the mandatory artificial person to accompany sleepers on their voyages.

I keep that maybe David notices a cryotube malfunction or purposefully fakes one to wake up my OFC, so she'd be stuck with him for the entire journey awake. Simply out of curiosity.

How far that curiosity goes and what sinister form it could take we can certainly talk about. It could be just for the chance for some in depth conversation he'd otherwise wouldn't get - but it could also be to test a theory, try if he could seduce her, how she'd react if he suddenly turned from friendly to dangerous ... I think a lot of this might be possible.

Again, if you're curious about the character, you probably have some ideas what else he might experience or how the expedition and losing his creator/"father" affected him. I got several ideas for possible OFC traits, ranging from her being a historian interested in social studies of media, to entitlement brat of some rich dad.

While I have some personality types I won't play, I think we can find something that is match enough to let the roleplay unfold and still original enough to possibly open options we might have not thought about.