Kinks for rarer Situations

  • Knotting


    My definition: A penis that has the ability to swell inside the partners body, providing more stretching along with a stuck together for the time being situation.

    Probably most used in werewolf related roleplays but can also be creatively applied to demons, cyborgs, other creatures or even by using toys creatively.

    Apart from being the cherry on top for my size kink, it can also be used to creature tense situations in rps like accidental knotting or "omg more than I an handle - what did you say how long before it swells down again?"

  • Tentacle Sex

    Tentacle Sex

    My definition: The use of tentacles to penetrate one or more orifices with one more tentacles but also holding and tying up the partner in place while simultaneously stimulating other sensitive areas.

    Seems to be tied to non-con but I totally love doing it in a consensual setting, who wouldn't love to have some incredibly pleasing, often self-lubing tentacles take care of your every need?

  • Tripple Tag

    Tripple Tag

    My definition: One woman getting penetrated by three cocks: vaginally, anally and orally.

    Again something often tied to non-con but I see not reason if the situation doesn't fit it to write something consensual with that scenario.

    Like maybe dom who invites guest players for a scene knowing the sub always wanted to do something like this.

  • Xeno


    My definition: Sex with a non-human but intelligent entity or a human who has a second non-human form (like werewolf, tentacle demons etc)

    It's role-play some like to keep it realistic, I rather go full out fantasy if possible. Not always but it can add some spice, conflict and it is kink I do enjoy a lot if done properly.