Admiral Marcus from Star Trek Into Darkness

Interpersonal and Porn

Basic premise: You play the vile Admiral Marcus, who mis-uses his authority to blackmail coerce a Starfleet cadet into sexual favours. Playing out an ongoing abusive relationship instead of just going for kinks.

If this could be expanded to some hurt/comfort with another character original or canon is an option as well. Could maybe go for some Carol/OFC thing with this one, but later ...

Picture from Star Trek into Darkness

Vague Notion

Either my OFC made a mistake somewhere and is in danger of getting thrown out or my favourite choice someone she knew made one and Marcus offers to fix this for her friend if she is compliant.

It could start out with her being an assistant and getting groped and maybe spanked or a hand-job and then escalate. Nothing against a quicker escalation as well.

Maybe he picked her for her attitude towards war and even believes he teaches her some hard lessons (no pun intended) about how nasty the universe is.

This might work as an original scenario but I think Admiral Marcus provides a good archetype: he is no handsome beau, rather fanatic and lacking in empathy, ruthless and clearly is not shy of blackmail or being ruthless. There abuse would be the main point, but also how it plays out between them, not that it will any more but victim/powerful abuser.

If we play this, it would really be with her getting sucked in and hating it but feeling powerless to stop it at first.

Follow up

As I said, I can image some hurt/comfort with a canon or another OC cadet but we could also involve it with the STID plot and bring Khan into this.