Never stray from the path ...

Interpersonal and Porn

Basic premise: You play a werewolf who is living on his territory in some wilderness, when you warn three hikers not to cross through it. The three do not listen and with the fool moon approaching you got no choice but to go after them.

With two of them dead, my surviving OFC is approached by you and you come clean that you have no choice unless maybe the werewolf site of him saw my chara as his mate. She should decide quickly because once the full moon rises, there is no hiding.

Basic premise: Modern day with lots of loneliness and woods or fantasy/historic.

Picture from unknown artist

Your Werewolf

Apart from the basic setting it would be up to you how nice or mean the werewolf is. He can be genuinely distressed but also completely remorseless or anything in between. He could be devilish handsome or be something scarred or generally not very presentable. It depends on what tone we like to set and what character you'd have fun playing the most.

As long as the werewolf is not sobbing his heart out about how hard his life is I can handle pretty much everything.

My Hiker

My preference would be to play her as a confident woman who thinks a lot and maybe tends to over think events. The other two hikers could've been college friends who shared her love for hiking or much closer friends if we want to make it dark.

A lot of her reaction would definitely depend on what the werewolf is like. For example she could've been into kinky stuff before and in the heat of the moment be all for getting knotted for real. Not that saying that she might not feel bad later on - survivor's guilt and other issues not withstanding. Or she could have hard time getting used to it ...

It be a bit of the Beauty and the Beast dynamic only that the Beast couldn't allow her to leave. Unless maybe we do it not as a modern day roleplay but set it in a fantasy world? My OFC probably wouldn't be a hiker and who knows who the two men accompanying her could be. Something to talk over I guess if interest is there ....