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Hello, I'm an above 30 female, who likes writing but is looking for some more interactive story telling with an RP buddy.

I prefer playing by e-mail or for more dynamic scenes aim or gtalk would do, I do not do skype or tumblr.

Right now I prefer playing OFCs either against OMCs or Canons, but that is not to be said in the future I might not also be interested in playing a male character. Just right now I really crave some m/f roleplay with me playing against a dominant male.

It is not that there has to be be smut from the get go or at all, I enjoy the gradual organic building of a relationship much more. Not just consensual ones, I also like playing hostage situations and other scenarios that might lead to some non-con or dub-con situations. The only thing I do not do is writing non-con as romance, if we go that route it should be all about how fucked up it is.

I generally prefer it darker but some non-fluffy sweet moments are certainly needed as well, I just won't be your girl if light-hearted, sweet and fluffy is what you crave.

I always try to make my OFC fitting for the scenario or plot we might spin around the character or scenario we play. I hate overpowered characters, as it always just gets in the way of letting the characters interact (unless you call punching someone through a wall interaction, well it is, but not the one I want.)

I got a few canons listed and a few ideas on my roleplay page, along with kinks (kinks like but do not always need to have there), more details on what I'm looking for in a partner, what my playing style is like and examples of past role-plays.

Note: Most of my past partners enjoy writing huge fricking paragraphs, which I can do as well, but I'm just as comfortable with shorter replies. Nothing against inner thoughts shared but long replies easily go over into god modding making me wonder why my character would sit still for so long and listen...

Basically, I'm looking for a partner who honestly enjoys playing canon males or male characters with original females characters. I'm not that much into anime/manga fandoms, more scif-fi, action and fantasy movies and shows, but even if I don't list a canon you like to play, maybe I still be willing, a movie is easily watched after all and if the canon knowledge is not that overwhelmingly necessary...

Currently most interested in doing something with Adam from I, Frankenstein, David from Prometheus, Loki from Avengers - for more just look at my page and/or ask me.

Well, sent me a message barbayat at gmail or gtalk if you're interested at all.