You and Me

Hello, I hope in time I can put more info here that helps you decide whether the two of us are going to mash well or not. My likes go to playing out creepy, messed up relationships, but in general my range of relationship types goes from enemies, unlikely allies from friends to young love to porn with out plot set ups.

In general I'm into darker themes, it doesn't always need to be non-con or abuse, but feeling like not fitting in, being alone. I like to think I enjoy the comfort just as much as the hurt preceding it.

There is a time and place for everything and if you're open and honest about what you want, we can work out much better what and if we can roleplay something together.

I put my kinks up here not because I need them in every roleplay but to inform those who want to know. Please do not be scared off and think smut is all I do.

Short List of the Essentials

  • Common Ground

    There should be at leas some overlap in our like and interest in a scenario. That ground should be the basis we work with. While I sometimes feel like doing a quick PWP thing, I also long to stay with a plot and build up characters even if the sex seems light years away or with pairings that make it super unlikely.

  • No Pretending/False advertising

    Do not hope I come around and play something I said I wouldn't. I might feel sometimes like playing a male or do another slash rp but engaging me with the hopes I do it, is a really bad idea.

    Same goes for kinks. I sometimes lean out of my comfort zone but don't expect me to do it for you, I need to feel very comfortable with a partner before I even consider doing that.

  • Mutual Respect

    Ask before you spring new stuff on me. I guarantee you, I'll always do. Our characters might not share power in the scene but behind the fourth wall we do. We both ship in when it comes to what happens in the role play. That means above all things, if one of us says "I'd rather not do this" we do not.

    Also if you feel like I'm too pushy with my ideas do say so, I will not hold it against you. I try to be respectful and make sure my partner is okay but that doesn't mean I won't cross a line. Be sure I will tell you also when I feel like you drag things too far in a direction I don't feel okay with. And it happens, we all want to play what we enjoy most and sometimes it sneaks in.

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